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Informational Materials

The materials below provide more information about Insight for your reference and to share with others in your agency.

Quick Reference Guides

The Quick Reference Guides contain step-by-step instructions detailing the Insight Subject Areas and how to integrate useful Insight functionalities.

Insight Subject Areas QRGs

Insight Functionality QRGs

General Insight QRGs

Data Resources

Common Report Library

The Common Report Library, which is up-to-date based on Build 2 Go-Live, provides a resource library of approximately 42 “canned” reports related to different HR and business topics. In addition, the Common Report Library provides specific descriptions of report changes from Build 1.

FOCUS-to-Insight: Data Dictionary and Elements Mapping

The Insight Data Dictionary is a reference document for reporting users to understand the data available in Insight. The Data Dictionary includes the names and descriptions of data elements in Insight and their respective NFC source system.

FOCUS-to-Insight: Language Mapping

The FOCUS-to-Insight Language Mapping document provides functional mapping, terminology, and defines comparison examples.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 20, 2023