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Essential NFC Training Courses


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HCUP Training Course
HCUP Web includes an overview of the Payroll/Personnel System, and hands on workshops.
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EPICWEB Training Course
EPIC Web includes a review of subject areas such as IRIS, PINQ, TMGT, PMSO, Personnel Actions and Payroll Document Processing, as well as providing basic operational information.
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EmpowHR Training Course
Receive training to successfully enter, validate and correct Payroll/Personnel actions in EmpowHR.
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EmpowHR: Creating a Job Code

Job codes are used for grouping similar positions in a logical manner. In this short video, we demonstrate how to create a Job Code using the EmpowHR interface.

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Insight: Using Reports and Dashboards

Need a basic understanding of the purpose and structure of Insight? Great! we'll guide you through the basic navigational features that are required to support your business needs.

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webTA 4.2 for Employees

This course is for all employees utilizing webTA to enter their time and attendance. This course will cover the navigation and information required for employees to process their time and attendance in the webTA system.

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Last Updated / Reviewed: April 22, 2019