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National Finance Center

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Continuity of Operations

The National Finance Center (NFC) has a Disaster Recovery/Business Resumption plan that provides for the continuation of business operations in the event a disaster would render the facility inoperable. This plan is in compliance with all Federal, Departmental, and other guidelines and regulations regarding disaster recovery and business continuity. NFC's mission to the Department and its customers is critically dependent on providing continued service regardless of adverse conditions that may affect business processing. NFC regularly tests the recovery procedures and business resumption processes to ensure their accuracy and viability. NFC also offers a Statement of Assurance for Customers and Stakeholders.

Pandemic Plan

A human pandemic is a global disease outbreak. A flu pandemic occurs when a new influenza virus emerges for which people have little or no immunity and for which there is no vaccine. The disease spreads easily person-to-person, causing serious illness, and can sweep across the country and around the world in a very short time. Public health experts warn pandemic influenza poses a significant risk to the United States and the world– only its timing, severity, and exact strain remain uncertain.

Successful pandemic preparedness for such an outbreak demands our full attention and participation. We know what priorities and choices we need to consider in maintaining essential levels of services for our employees and our customers. We also know how advance planning and preparedness can help sustain our critical infrastructure for business continuity. Please note that we remain committed to being prepared and continue to refine our planning as more concerns and issues emerge.

Other Federal Guidance

Hurricane Season Fact Sheet

NFC's concept of operations is to deploy a limited staff in advance of known disaster events in order to provide continued service to our customers, although at a minimum service level during the disaster event. Our plan calls for us to deploy employees to the Alternate Work Site (AWS) prior to closure of the NFC facility. The deployed staff will assume operational responsibilities (simultaneously with the closure of the NFC facility) and will perform limited services until either full deployment to the AWS is required or reconstitution of operations back at the NFC facility is accomplished.

For more information, please see the Fact Sheet for Hurricane Season.

Last Updated / Reviewed: June 03, 2021