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Welcome to the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO)at New Orleans! Congratulations on your decision to join the ranks of Federal employment, and in particular, the USDA Agency known as the Office of the Chief Financial Officer. The primary purpose of this page is to provide you with information that you need to have even prior to your first day of work.

In the HR Back Office menu you will find specific forms that are necessary for in-processing, so that you can report for duty with your package of forms already completed. If you have questions about any particular form or information being requested, please print out the form, even if all you have is your name on the form. We will be reviewing your paperwork on your first day and will provide all of the assistance that you need. You will have already received a confirmation of job offer, which provides you with information pertinent to your type of appointment.

The OCFO Human Resources Management Staff (HRMS) will provide employment services and personnel to you. You should have already been contacted by a member of the staff if you have reached this page. If you have not yet visited the facility, please see our visitor's guide or search 13800 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans, Louisiana on your preferred map search engine.

On your first day, and until you receive an employee badge, you must park in the visitor’s lot, located in the front of our building, located at 13800 Old Gentilly Road, New Orleans, Louisiana 70129. Once you receive your employee badge, you must park in the employee lot accessible via entrance at either gate 5 or 7 at the traffic signals. BE AWARE THAT WEAPONS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN EITHER THE VISITOR’S LOT OR EMPLOYEE LOT. BRINGING A WEAPON ONTO THE FACILITY IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE REMOVAL.

When you enter the main facility, you must stop at the reception desk to sign in and receive your temporary badge. Someone from the HRMS office will meet you there at 7:45 a.m., so please be prompt for work. You will sign-it at the desk with your name and vehicle information. You must bring the following items with you.

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 07, 2024