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Functional Requirements Document (FRD)

The Functional Requirements Document (FRD) is required for a Software Change Request (SCR) submitted by Departments and/or Agencies serviced by NFC. FRDs outline the general approach for how a requested SCR will be implemented. Below you will find NFC's guidance on the FRD process and the FRDs for scheduled release.

FRDs for Scheduled Release CY17 PP24

# Subject Signature Date
1437931 OPM Revised Cybersecurity Data Elements 10-03-17

FRDs for Scheduled Release CY17 PP20

# Subject Signature Date
1456413 Phase 2 – Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act 08-24-17
1422947 Amend City of Denver Withholding Tax 02-02-17

FRDs for Scheduled Release CY17 PP13

# Subject Signature Date
1513105 Unmask PII Data Option on Reporting Center 06-09-17
859707 Phase 2: Earning and Leave Statement Reformatting 10-13-16

FRDs for Scheduled Release CY17 PP07

# Subject Signature Date
1460304 Standard Form 256 Self Identification of Disability 03-31-17

FRDs for Scheduled Release CY17 PP06

# Subject Signature Date
1086075 PPS-CR#29689 Masking Additional Information in MyEPP 03-07-17
1094123 Modify M67 Remark Requirements in EmpowHR 08-16-16

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 04, 2017