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EmpowHR [Web Version] [PDF]
Web-Based Entry, Processing, Inquiry, and Correction System (EPIC Web) [Web Version] [Print Version] [PDF]
Front-End System Interface (FESI) [Web Version] [Print Version]  
History Correction Update Processing System (HCUP) [Print Version]  
Personnel Edit Subsystem (PINE) Edit Messages [Web Version] [Print Version]  
Position Management System Online (PMSO) [Web Version] [Print Version]  
Payroll/Personnel System Overview (PPSO) [Web Version] [Print Version]  
Reduction-in-Force System (RIF) [Web Version] [Print Version]  


Bulletin Date
HRPAY 17-07, Expanded Reporting Options on Standard Form (SF) 256, Self Identification of Disability
Sort by Tags: EmpowHR PINE EPIC Web
HRPAY 17-06, New Edit To Place FERS Employees in the Correct RAE or FRAE Category
Sort by Tags: EmpowHR EPIC Web
HRPAY 17-05, Remove PAR Remark M67 from NOAC 350 and 354
Sort by Tags: EmpowHR EPIC Web
HRPAY 17-04, Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits
Sort by Tags: EmpowHR EPIC FESI
HRPAY 17-03, Supersede of Annual Pay Raise Bulletin 01-06-17
HRPAY 17-02, Pay Rate Determinant Code (PRD), T, Below the Minimum Rate 01-06-17
HRPAY 17-01, Annual Pay Raise

Superseded by HRPAY 17-03, Supersede of Annual Pay Raise Bulletin

Last Updated / Reviewed: August 24, 2017