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What is Insight?

The National Finance Center presents Insight – a new business intelligence solution that provides integrated data and flexible analytics to drive strategic data-driven business decisions.

Insight is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide data warehouse with advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

Reporting Capabilities

Key Features

Insight provides a consolidated data warehouse with advanced business intelligence and reporting capabilities that support a wide range of business needs. Features include:

Common Reports

Insight includes a number of pre-built reports based on the common Government reporting needs of customer organizations. Common reports and dashboards can be customized and easily exported in several useful formats.

Ad Hoc Reporting

Insight provides flexibility with your data to create ad hoc reports - creating Agency-specific reports, filtering data, and displaying results in multiple formats such as tables, graphs, maps, and trending visuals.

Summary Level Dashboards

Dashboards combine several reports into one summary view to provide unique insights into a business question. Insight includes several pre-built dashboards for Government-wide reporting needs, but users also have the ability to create Agency-specific dashboards with any combination of available reports and newly created ad hoc reports.

Data Transition Overview

Data is transitioned from legacy systems to Insight according to each Subject Area. Subject Areas are categories of data from which users can access data elements for ad hoc reporting. Each Insight Subject Area is mapped to a legacy data source:

Legacy System
(Data Source)
Subject Area in Insight Data Refreshed
PERSONNEL (PAYPERS) Workforce Profile Daily (after PINE)
Bi-weekly (after BEAR)
EmpowHR Two Day Upload Once Applied in EmpowHR
PERHIS Personnel History Bi-weekly (after BEAR)
PAYTA (PACS) Payroll Accounting System Bi-weekly (after BEAR)
ABCO ABCO Periodic Daily Basis (after billing cycle)
TMGT Reference Table Subject Area and Common dimensions across all Subject Areas Weekly (Varies by Subject Area -Two day upload from TMGT data on Mondays (Not on Holidays))
PMSO Position Management System Online (PMSO) Daily and Bi-Weekly (after billing cycle)
MASC Reference Table Subject Area Daily

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 03, 2022