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What is Insight?

The National Finance Center presents Insight – a new business intelligence solution that provides integrated data and flexible analytics to drive strategic data-driven business decisions.

Insight is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide data warehouse with advanced reporting and business intelligence capabilities.

How will Insight differ from current reporting tools?

The new solution surpasses existing reporting tools by integrating multiple data sources into one tool to provide comprehensive reporting through a library of standard reports and ad hoc reporting functionality. The unique dashboard feature allows you to manipulate data reports, in an easy, time-efficient manner, enabling the development of innovative business insights.

When will NFC remove access to legacy reporting environments?

Legacy reporting systems will be sunset gradually. Access to legacy systems will not be removed until all of the data and functionality from those systems is available in Insight or through an alternative solution. NFC will work with customers to enable a successful transition to the new solution.

What is the deployment timeline for Insight?

For the deployment timeline navigate to the Insight Build Schedule.

What training is available?

Training is available in several formats for your convenience. Web-based training is available on the Insight web site and in-person training classes are available on a quarterly basis per NFC’s standard training calendar. For more information about training and to access web modules and materials, please refer to the Reporting Training webpage.

The project team is also actively working to develop further Insight training. Enhanced training will address important topics on common user functionality and use specific case studies to demonstrate how to use Insight to meet daily reporting needs. In the interim, please refer to the Training and Resource Materials pages, which are updated frequently with the latest Insight learning resources.

What is the cost of Insight?

As the reporting tool for NFC systems, the cost for ongoing operations and maintenance will be bundled in the annual base rate per W-2.

What is the cost to add agency unique data to the solution?

Agency-specific functionality (e.g., external data sources, NFC created custom dashboards and reports, etc.) will be priced based on the level of effort to build and maintain the agency-specific solution.

Where do I report errors I find in Insight (e.g., production issues, blank screens, error messages)?

If you have any report issues of any kind in production, please notify the NFC Contact Center.

Who do I contact with project and testing related questions?

Please direct your project questions, testing questions, and non-production questions to the Enterprise Reporting mailbox at

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 20, 2023