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Adding and Removing Security Access

Requests for Security Access are submitted by Agency Security Officers via ServiceNow through the ServiceNow Login (eAuth) or the ServiceNow Login (non-eAuth). Requests that contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or sensitive information must be encrypted prior to attaching to the request. For more information on encrypting an attachment, refer to How To Encrypt a File using Windows Explorer and WinZip For Use With All PII Data.

Unfortunately, some emails, with encrypted attachments, are not being received by some customers due to the security policies enforced by their Agencies. At times, email systems “quarantine” email with zipped/encrypted attachments. If Agency representatives do not receive expected email, they must speak with their email technical support staff to resolve the matter. Deleted accounts can be re-established only by submitting a request via ServiceNow.

Properly completed requests will be completed within the time frame defined in Service Level Agreements, depending upon complexity and number of users affected. Please note that improperly completed forms will be returned, thereby increasing the time required to process your request.

For Security Officer Change requests, the following data elements are required: Security Officer Name, Security Officer User ID, Effective Date of change, Agency Name, Department, Type (zone, division, department security officer), Mailing Address, Phone Number, and e-mail address. Use Form AD-3100-A, ASO Designation Form.

For New User requests, the following data elements are required: User Name, SSN, SON / POI, Organizational Structure(s), Profile, Application(s). If the New User is a Contractor, the SSN is not required, but the expiration date of the contract is required.

Remove Security Access

Accounts that have been inactive for 30 days are listed on a report by Agency, which can be accessed via the NFC Reporting Center. Each Agency is advised on actions to take to prevent the account from being suspended. This can be accomplished by a user signing on to his or her account.

If the accounts are still inactive at 60 days, they are automatically suspended. After 120 days, inactive accounts are deleted. Both suspended and deleted accounts are listed on reports which can also be accessed via the NFC Reporting Center. Deleted accounts can be re-established only by submitting a request via ServiceNow Console.

A user’s security access must be removed by the losing Agency Security Officer when he/she is transferred to another Agency or separates from service.

If there are problems with Security Access after it has been administered, or if a user’s account is suspended due to inactivity, the Agency Security Officer should contact the Operations and Security Center (OSC) at 1-800-767-9641, or e-mail or put in a trouble ticket via ServiceNow.

Requests to restore accounts which have been deleted due to inactivity will not be expedited.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 04, 2023