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Manual Pay ProcessingDate
MANPAY 22-04, Additional Fields Being Added to the Agency Completed Transactions Report in SPPS Web 09-21-22
MANPAY 22-03, Completion of Dual Rate Lump Sum Payments 08-03-22
REPT 22-06, Electronic Signatures on Standard Form (SF) 50, Notification of Personnel Action 08-23-22
REPT 22-05, New Insight Common Report 07-25-22
T&A ProcessingDate
TA 22-03, Fiscal Year-End Reminder 08-25-22
TAXES 22-26, Idaho State Income Tax Withholding 07-25-22
TAXES 22-25, Pennsylvania (Local) Income Tax Withholding 07-25-22

Last Updated / Reviewed: June 30, 2021