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HR and Payroll ProcessingDate
HRPAY 21-05, Financial Disclosure Description Change 10-18-21
Manual Pay ProcessingDate
MANPAY 21-03, Completion of Dual Rate Lump Sum Payments 07-30-21
Pub NotesDate
NOTES 21-03, Removal of EPMA from Launchpad 08-26-21
NOTES 21-02, Addition of USDA EPMA to Launchpad Superseded by:
NOTES 21-03, Removal of EPMA from Launchpad
REPT 21-03, Supersede of REPT 21-02 Implementation of Two-Factor Authentication for the Reporting Center 07-30-21
Research and InquiryDate
INQUIRY 21-02, EPP Value Change for ERI, Gender & Disability Code 02 10-14-21
Retirement ProcessingDate
RETIRE 21-01, Increase in Agency Retirement Contribution Percentages 10-19-21
T&A ProcessingDate
TA 21-01, Fiscal Year-End Reminder 09-24-21
TAXES 21-28, Nebraska State Income Tax Withholding 10-14-21
TAXES 21-27, Kansas State Income Tax Withholding 10-05-21
TAXES 21-26, Ohio State Income Tax Withholding 10-04-21
TAXES 21-25, Pennsylvania Local Service Tax (LST) 08-26-21
TAXES 21-24, Pennsylvania (Local) Income Tax Withholding 08-20-21

Last Updated / Reviewed: June 30, 2021