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The Office of Personnel Management’s Centralized Enrollment Clearinghouse (CLER) provides online reconciliation for all Federal Payroll Offices and FEHB Carriers. Payroll office files are an integral part of this reconciliation process. Payroll Offices are reminded to transmit enrollment data files each pay cycle.

Important notes for successful transmission and reconciliation

Please be sure that user ID’s are actively utilized at least once each 30 day period so that the ID does not get suspended for inactivity. Establishing an automated transmission file of enrollment data each pay cycle may eliminate or reduce missed transmission deadlines. Keeping contact information up to date in CLER is crucial to reconciliation efforts. Timely submission of enrollment and termination actions reduces discrepancies. Utilizing the Payroll Office comment block in CLER, under Payroll Office Reconcile, is a great way to provide necessary information to FEHB Carriers to assist in reconciling discrepancies.

Last Updated / Reviewed: January 24, 2024