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U.S. Department of Agriculture

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FMS is modernizing our core business systems by launching SAP’s S/4HANA platform. S/4HANA is at the forefront of digital transformation and will offer us benefits now and in the future. It provides robust capabilities, real-time insights, and improved user experiences with streamlined processes and optimized operations.

Our work toward completing this mission includes:

  1. System Modernization: Transforming SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Central Component (ECC) to S/4HANA through system conversion and selective data transition.
  2. Data Management: Enhancing data quality, integrity, and accessibility through improved data governance practices.
  3. User Experience: Enhancing user experience through Fiori User Experience (UX), the new SAP user interface/FMMI portal.
  4. Integration: Establishing integration between existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Grantor and S/4HANA.
  5. Value Delivery: Delivering cost-effective and scalable financial solutions for OCFO to provide best value services.

For more information about the FIET project, a variety of reference materials, documentation, publications, and training information is available in the “Additional Resources” section. You may also click the Subscribe link to sign up for FIET-related emails.

Last Updated / Reviewed: July 11, 2024