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CPAIS Change Request Process Overview (Temporarily Unavailable)
Describes the CPAIS Change Management Process (CMP) as it relates to CRs submitted for consideration on CPAIS. This CMP is designed to comply with the guidelines of the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) level 2.

CPAIS Detail Design Guide
This document provides the detailed design specifications for CPAIS.

CPAIS Physical Inventory Reporting Enhancements - ENHC0011344
This document defines new enhancements to physical inventory reporting in CPAIS Personal Property.

Data Conversion Strategy and Plan
Supports the conversion of data from the existing real property system to CPAIS.

Functional Requirements Analysis
Discusses the functional requirements identified in business process requirements workshops. Sets initial boundaries and scope for the modification of Infra into CPAIS, as well as the types of property controlled by USDA, workflows and data elements necessary to track and report real property, and property management duties of the realty specialist.

Real Property Business Workflow
Outlines USDA business practices for the planning, acquisition, management, and disposal of USDA real property.

Reconciliation Guide in Support of CPAIS Implementation
Provides guidelines for reconciling USDA-owned real property and Leasehold Improvements FFIS General Journal (GENJ) financial activity to CPAIS.

RPA Error Messages
Provides a list of CPAIS real property asset error messages.

User Management Application (UMA) Managers and Users Memo (Temporarily Unavailable)
Provides instructions for establishing UMA Managers and Users for CPAIS Real Property.

User Management Application (UMA) Manager Quick Guide
A quick guide for UMA managers providing instructions for accessing the CPAIS UMA, approving and rejecting account requests, searching for user profiles, setting role expiration dates, modifying user requests and accounts, etc.

User Management Application (UMA) Quick Guide (Temporarily Unavailable)
Provides general instructions for accessing the CPAIS UMA, requesting a new account, modifying an existing account, and description of user roles.

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 29, 2023