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CPAIS Detail Design Guide

Detail Design Guide Cover Sheet

Revision History

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Data Infrastructure

Chapter 3: Real Property Management (RPM) (Temporarily Unavailable)

Chapter 4: Real Property Accounting (RPA)

Chapter 5: Interface Application Design (Temporarily Unavailable)

Chapter 6: Security Infrastructure (Temporarily Unavailable)

Chapter 7: Computer Resource Design

Chapter 8: Detailed Design of 508 Compliance (Note: Update in progress)

Appendix A: CPAIS RPM Lists of Values (Temporarily Unavailable)

Appendix B: Standard General Ledger/Project Group Crosswalk

Appendix C: Requirements Tracking Matrix

Appendix D: System Administration

Appendix E: RPA Database Description

Appendix F: Database Trigger Definitions

Appendix G: Tables, Columns, and Foreign Key Derivations

Appendix H: More Tables, Columns, and Foreign Key Derivations

Appendix I: Database Trigger Report

Appendix J: Table Definitions

Last Updated / Reviewed: December 29, 2023