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Release Notes - MINC

Miscellaneous Income (MINC) is a repository for reportable payments aggregated from records processed through systems such as FMMI, US Bank SmartPay, and the Payroll systems for SPPS and EARN. These payments are consolidated and reported to taxpayers using the appropriate 1099 forms.

Calendar Year 2021

Title Date
MINC Release Results - August 2021 08-23-21

Calendar Year 2020

Title Date
MINC Release Results - November 2020 11-30-20
MINC Release Results - August 2020 08-31-20
MINC Release Results - May 2020 05-31-20
MINC Release Results (Out of Cycle) - March 2020 03-31-20

Calendar Year 2019

Title Date
MINC Release Results - November 2019 11-06-19

Last Updated / Reviewed: August 23, 2021