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FFCRA New Transaction Descriptors

Transaction Descriptor (TD) Description
91 Full Rate Isolation
92 Full Rate Quarantine
93 Full Rate Medical
94 2/3rd Rate Individual Care
95 2/3rd Rate School Closure
96 2/3rd Rate Other

PHE Leave 2/3rd Rate (same reason code as TD 95)

A critical piece of the legislation defines daily and overall pay caps as follows:


NFC is pleased to inform our customer Agencies that we have developed three tools specifically designed to assist with managing the new paid leave categories associated with FFCRA.

Each of the tools are aimed at giving the employees, timekeepers and managers clear guidance and sight into the usage of this leave. Most importantly, the tools are designed to prevent the approval of leave usage that exceeds the daily and overall pay caps cited in the legislation. It is critical that Agencies adhere to the daily and overall pay caps to mitigate the potential for having to establish a bill due to salary overpayment. Agencies should advise employees that they must notify the Human Resources (HR) office immediately if they believe they have been overpaid. If the Agency determines that an employee has exceeded the daily or overall pay cap in any given pay period, the Agency must submit a corrected timecard for the employee to systemically update the leave used and create a receivable for the overpayment. NFC will not process manual SPPS requests for salary overpayments due to exceeding the daily or overall pay cap because it will not update the leave used in the database properly and will contribute to inaccurate reporting.

We appreciate your patience and support as this continues to evolve and new guidance is being released daily. Our commitment is to work with you, address your questions and provide you with the facts and support needed to carry out the provisions of paid leave under FFCRA.

We anticipate beginning in PP 08 our NFC Contact Center (NCC) will experience a high call volume regarding the submission and processing of timecards in conjunction with the new legislation. As such, in addition to calling the NCC at 1-855-632-4468, you may also submit your inquiries via ServiceNow. We are asking Agencies to please add the following text before the detailed description of your issue into the Details field: FFCRA Inquiry.

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 03, 2023