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Payroll/Personnel System

NFC's Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) incorporates a fully-integrated online database which maintains employee personnel records and time and attendance reports, and processes a biweekly payroll for over 600,000 employees. Some of the specific PPS applications and processes are defined below.

Name Description
Adjustment Processing System (ADJP) ADJP provides for automatic handling of corrected and supplemental Time and Attendance (T&A) reports and late personnel actions.
Entry, Processing, Inquiry, and Correction System (EPIC) EPIC is used to enter payroll and personnel transactions, correct transactions that have failed the database edits, execute status and suspense reports, delete and restore transactions, view future and current payroll/personnel transactions to be processed, and generate personnel actions for requests entered in Personnel Office Desktop Solutions (PODS).
Front-End Systems Interface (FESI) FESI is used to provide an interface for processing payroll/personnel and position data through batch transmissions.
History Correction Update Processing System (HCUP) HCUP is used to update personnel history data and to enter late, replacement, and newly required personnel actions.
Information/Research Inquiry System (IRIS) IRIS is used to provide immediate access to at least 1 calendar year of current and 5 years of historical payroll/personnel data and certain payroll document history.
Locator Information System (LIST) LIST is used to provide directory-type information such as names, telephone numbers, building location, and other pertinent information on certain employees.
Payroll/Personnel Report Generator System (CULPRPT) CULPRPT is used to request and print preprogrammed reports containing payroll/personnel data.
Payroll/Personnel Inquiry System (PINQ) PINQ is used to query employee pay data not related in IRIS.
Personnel Computer Time and Attendance Remote Entry System (PC-TARE) PC-TARE is used to prepare and create a transmit file of time and attendance (T&A) data and send it electronically to NFC. It is being sunset in January 2008.
Personnel Input and Edit System (PINE) PINE is used to edit personnel actions, position data, and payroll transactions entered through an entry system.
PEP51 Pullers for Payroll/Personnel Documents (PEP51) PEP51 is used to: delete payroll/personnel actions from the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) database that were applied in the current processing pay period and sends these actions to suspense; delete, correct, or view documents in the future file; or hold documents currently in suspense.
Position Management System Online (PMSO) PMSO is used to store all position-related data and allows users to add, change, inactivate, reactivate, and delete/restore positions.
Retirement Processing System (RETM) RETM is used to track the processing of applications for retirement benefits.
Remote Forms Queuing System (RFQS) RFQS provides Agency personnel offices with electronic control in obtaining forms and tickler reports at remote sites.
Reduction In Force System (RIF) RIF is an online report generator system that produces retention registers.
Security Entry and Tracking System (SETS) SETS is used to track security clearances and investigations performed by the Office of Personnel Management and other investigating Agencies.
Special Payroll Processing System (SPPS) SPPS is used to process quick service payments, final salary payments for indebted employees, and payments to the estate of a deceased.
System for Time and Attendance Reporting (STAR) STAR is a Microsoft Windows-based system used to prepare time and attendance data and create a transmission file to be sent electronically to NFC.
Time and Attendance Validation System (TIME) Edit Messages TIME is used to provide Agencies with TIME edits to minimize errors when preparing T&As.
Time and Attendance Instructions (TNAINST) TNAINST is used to provide instructions and reference information to assist timekeepers in preparing time and attendance data.
Time Inquiry System (TINQ) TINQ is used to query and update employee leave balances.
Training Information System (TRAI) TRAI is used to enter, correct, store, and query training data and report on training information.
Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees System (UCFE) UCFE provides information on payroll and separation data required in the completion of state unemployment forms.

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 02, 2022