Federal Executive Board New Orleans

Structure of the New Orleans Federal Executive Board

The New Orleans Federal Executive Board (FEB) is comprised of senior officials from the agencies located in the nine-parish region that typically makes up the Greater New Orleans Area in Louisiana (Tangipahoa, St. Tammany, Washington, St. John, St. Charles, Jefferson, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, and Orleans Parishes). The New Orleans FEB represents approximately 70 federal government agencies or agency organizations in our service area that makes up the New Orleans FEB, represents an estimated Federal workforce of 18,000 (Civilian, Military, and Postal).

The New Orleans FEB continues as an effective and viable organization, because of strong executive leadership by its Chairperson, Officers and Policy Committee members. The Executive Director is the full-time operations leader for the New Orleans FEB and carries out the day-to-day activities of the FEB as designated by the Chair. Active participation and involvement by agency heads and/or military commanders is considered essential, as is their assignment of appropriate and interested personnel to serve on various committees, councils, and working groups of the FEB.

The New Orleans FEB has a dedicated Policy Committee who fully supported all of the initiatives and activities during the course of the fiscal year. Although member agencies have experienced significant increased demands on their personnel and resources over the last few years, they continue to be very supportive of FEB initiatives by providing in-kind resources, which aid in the delivery of no cost and low cost training and services to the Federal community. The New Orleans FEB continues to play a significant role in the Federal community, serving as a conduit for collaboration and resource sharing, a point of contact for information dissemination, and a source for providing assistance on issues of concern to our Federal community as a whole.

The New Orleans FEB supports and promotes the national initiatives of the President and his Administration and responds to the local needs of Federal agencies and the community through projects, programs and activities of interagency committees and working groups. The Executive Leadership of the New Orleans FEB determines annually that we will focus on a set of key goals and objectives that are significant to our local agencies, the workforce in general, and the local community that fall under three primary function areas: