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Do you have a timeline/schedule planned for the full migration?

The schedule has recently been revised: The final cutover will be April 25, 2020. The cutover will happen all at once, not in stages. External testing will be allowed the two maintenance weekends prior to the cutover, March 28, 2020, and April 11, 2020.

Who are you contacting in each Agency?

Agency contacts have been culled from ISAs, firewall contacts and responses to the request for contact memo distributed. Updated information will be distributed to those subscribed to receive updates from NFC (see NFC Home Page).

Will there be an impact to RUMBA?

RUMBA will function as long as the communication paths have been established and tested.

What is the impact of this in general?

Anything that uses an IP address instead of a name to connect to NFC applications will have to be changed.

What is the new remote connection product that will be implemented?

The replacement solution for SecuRemote or Checkpoint VPN Clients is under development. Information will be provided as soon as it is available.

What action do customers need to take now?

Every agency should have been contacted by now.  If you do not think your agency has been contacted, check with your ISSPM first and then have them follow the instructions on the customer notifications to reach out regarding the data center migration. 

Customers can begin configuring their applications to utilize DNS names instead of IP addresses wherever possible.  This will limit the amount of work that has to be tied to the migration and test dates.  These changes can take place now. 

Customers with VPNs should have their VPN into the new data center built and ready for testing prior to the cutover.  This new VPN will exist in parallel with the existing VPN into the current data center.

Customers with firewall rules allowing access to NFC applications and/or NFC access to remote printers can be updating their rules to allow the new IP addresses that have been provided in addition to the current addresses.  After the cutover, the old addresses can be removed.

Customers should be coordinating a test plan to ensure connectivity into the new data center which will be executed during the test weekends specified. 

When do we start testing?

Testing will be coordinated with the customer points of contact when NFC is ready to begin testing. General testing will be available the two maintenance weekends prior to cutover, March 28, 2020, and April 11, 2020.

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Last Updated / Reviewed: January 03, 2020