Written Inquiries - Agency Use of SPPS / Submissions to NFC Processing Differences

The Special Payroll Processing System (SPPS) Web is an online database system of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). SPPS Web is the system used to:

  1. Process and request manual payments and adjustments
  2. Submit written inquiries to NFC

These payments should continue to be processed in the automated system if at all possible. SPPS Web will be used for payments with unique situations that must be paid manually.

SPPS Web can be accessed on NFC’s home page at https://www.nfc.usda.go/spps. Manual payments sent to NFC for NFC to process have an average processing time of 7 business days depending on complexity.

After completion, payment will be processed and disbursed on the next manual pay schedule which is processed Monday – Friday at 11 AM CST, excluding holidays.

SPPS Web does not generate an Earnings and Leave Statement.

An NFC-29 will update the gross to net computation to PQ032 at the next process of PAYE. This will update the totals on the Earnings and Leave Statement and the W-2.

SPPS Web Adjustments will allow agencies to enter, process and disburse the following manual payments for employees who have a database record and will eliminate the submission of the AD-343 (Payroll Action Request) to NFC:

  1. Electronic submission of other manual payments and adjustments for NFC to process (replaces hard copy AD-343)
  2. Cash Awards
  3. Credit Hours
  4. Settlement Back Pay (Lump Sum)
  5. Annual/Restored Leave
  6. Compensatory Time
  7. Miscellaneous Payments:
    • Canceled/Undeliverable Checks
    • Cell Phone PYMT-Taxable (FHFB)
    • Certification/License Fees
    • COLA
    • Comparability Taxable
    • COPR O/T DBL Base Taxable (CU)
    • COPR O/T TRP Base Taxable (CU)
    • Danger Pay Taxable
    • Education Non-Taxable
    • Examiner Stipend Non-Taxable
    • Examiner Stipend Taxable
    • Extended Assignment Incentive Taxable
    • Foreign Adv Salary Non-Taxable
    • Foreign Language Taxable
    • Hazardous Duty Taxable (CP)
    • Hazard Pay Differential Taxable
    • Health Subsidy Taxable (AJ)
    • Holiday Pay Taxable
    • Hostile Fire Pay Non-Taxable
    • Hostile Fire Pay Taxable
    • Life Cycle Account Taxable
    • Nights Out Stipend
    • NYC Commutation Stipend (AJ)
    • Overtime Over 8 Taxable
    • Overtime Over 40 Night Diff Taxable
    • Overtime Taxable
    • Post Allowance Non-Taxable
    • Post Differential Taxable
    • Quarters Non-Taxable
    • Quarters Taxable
    • Reassignment Taxable
    • Recruitment Taxable
    • Relocation Taxable
    • Remote Worksite Taxable
    • Retention Taxable
    • Separate Maint Non-Taxable
    • Separate Maint Taxable
    • Standby AUO Avail Taxable
    • Travel Non-Taxable
    • Uniform Taxable
  8. Student Loan Repayment

This system does not replace the normal processing of list above. These payments should continue to be processed in the automated system if at all possible. SPPS Web will be used for the above payments with unique situations that must be paid manually. Online reporting capability is available:

  1. Agency Outstanding Transactions
  2. Agency Transactions Processed
  3. Agency Leave to be TINQd
  4. Student Loan Repayments
  5. Outstanding Written Inquiries

NFC conducts a hands-on training for SPPS Web. Once your agency is trained, users must submit a written request through their security officer to the National Finance Center, Information Systems Policy and Control Staff.

SPPS Web allows two levels of security for certifying payments and approving payments. The ID and password for SPPS Web is the same ID and password as the Mainframe. Once you are granted security access to SPPS Web, you will NOT be issued a separate ID and password for SPPS Web.