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Course Outline

Module 1 - webTA Navigation Overview

Module 2 - About The Employee Profile Page

Module 3 - Adding A New Employee

Module 4 - Selecting or Searching for an Employee

Module 5 - About the Set Employee Pay Period Page

Module 6 - About the Leave Audit Report

Module 7 - About Managing Accounts

Module 8 - About Leave Transfer Program Management

Module 9 - About Locator Info

Module 10 - View Tasks

Module 11 - About webTA HR Administrator Reports

Module 12 - About NFC Bi-Directional Leave Changes Report

Module 13 - About NFC Bi-Directional New Hires Report

Module 14 - About NFC Bi-Directional Profile Audit Report

Module 15 - Viewing The Organization Tree

Module 16 - About Delegate Management

Course Information

Prerequisites for this Training Course

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Training Course Length

3 Hours

Locations for This Training Course

We offer on-site and instructor-led trainings at the Agency's request. Please contact NFC's Training team for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Class Dates

There are no scheduled classes for this course.

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Last Updated / Reviewed: April 22, 2019