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NFC/HR Payroll Shared Services Solutions

Position Management

NFC’s HR solutions at the core are position driven. EmpowHR provides the full complement of position management functionality. Position Management allows the creation or modification of all position information, including a job code and position. Position Management is used to assign data to positions and move employees in and out of positions, as appropriate. The data that is specific to each position is the basis for organizational planning, recruitment, and career planning. This is appropriate for Federal positions as duties, responsibilities, pay, and other factors are determined by the position, not the incumbent.

The EmpowHR system has the ability to create and maintain Position Descriptions (PDs) and Job Analysis. Users are able to develop, edit, and store PDs in a comprehensive library and can associate a PD to an announcement in the workflow. Additionally, users have the ability to select questions from a comprehensive library in the development of job analyses.

The system supports workforce management that allows managing and tracking of encumbered, vacant, detail, and obligated positions, to include the lifecycle of the position. EmpowHR records a complete and comprehensive audit trail that relates to and details all actions made to each position.

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 03, 2023