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Performance Management

EmpowHR's ePerformance, component provides self-service functionality for managers, employees, and HR administrators in support of the performance and staff development processes. NFC’s ePerformance tool supports the entire planning and evaluation process, including aligning employee performance to development goals and enterprise objectives.

A manager has the ability to initiate a performance review and edit, add, or delete an employee's performance objectives. Through a self-service evaluation application for managers, employees, and HR administrators, ePerformance can be used as a tool for planning, collaboration, communication, assessment, and monitoring evaluations. In completing mid-year and year-end performance appraisals, a manager will be able to rate an employee's performance measures and elements and ultimately approve and date the performance review when complete. ePerformance allows managers and employees to approve performance appraisals and plans online and forward to the next reviewer/approver. The entire approval process is tracked within ePerformance so that a record is available for current and future use. The system retains the name of the official approving user and a timestamp indicating when the approval was performed. Notifications are sent accordingly to managers and employees throughout the performance review process. This process eliminates the need for manual or "wet" signatures. Agencies can also identify individuals that are pre-approved to sign SF-50s. The name of the appropriate person will be automatically printed on the hard copy form to signify approval. This also eliminates the need for a manual signature.

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 03, 2023