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NFC/HR Payroll Shared Services Solutions

Special Payments Processing

NFC offers processing services for manual payments and adjustments. Our system allows Agencies to enter, process, calculate, and disburse the following manual payments for:

  1. Cash Awards
  2. Credit Hours
  3. Settlement Back Pay (Lump Sum)
  4. Annual/Restored Leave
  5. Compensatory Time
  6. Miscellaneous Payments
    • Canceled/Undeliverable Checks
    • Cell Phone Payment Taxable (Federal Housing Finance Board)
    • Certification/License Fees
    • Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA)
    • Comparability Taxable
    • Customs Officer Pay Reform (COPR) Overtime (O/T) Double (DBL) Base Taxable (CU)
    • Customs Officer Pay Reform (COPR) Overtime (O/T) Triple (TRP) Base Taxable (CU)
    • Danger Pay Taxable
    • Education Non-Taxable
    • Examiner Stipend Non-Taxable
    • Examiner Stipend Taxable
    • Extended Assignment Incentive Taxable
    • Foreign Advance Salary Non-Taxable
    • Foreign Language Taxable
    • Gym/Fitness Reimbursement
    • Hazardous Duty Taxable (CP)
    • Hazard Pay Differential Taxable
    • Health Subsidy Taxable (AJ)
    • Holiday Pay Taxable
    • Horse Non-Taxable
    • Hostile Fire Pay Non-Taxable
    • Hostile Fire Pay Taxable
    • Life Cycle Account Taxable
    • Maxout Overtime for Protection
    • Nights Out Stipend
    • New York City (NYC) Commutation Stipend (AJ)
    • Overtime Over 8 Taxable
    • Overtime Over 40 Night Differential Taxable
    • Overtime Taxable
    • Post Allowance Non-Taxable
    • Post Differential Taxable
    • Quarters Non-Taxable
    • Quarters Taxable
    • Reassignment Taxable
    • Recruitment Taxable
    • Relocation Taxable
    • Remote Worksite Taxable
    • Retention Taxable
    • Separate Maintenance Non-Taxable
    • Separate Maintenance Taxable
    • Standby Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime (AUO) Available Taxable
    • Severance Payment
    • Travel Non-Taxable
    • Uniform Taxable
  7. Student Loan Repayment

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 03, 2023