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TAXES 09-41, Earned Income Credit (EIC)

Title: I, Payroll/Personnel Manual
Chapter: 28, Section 2, Tax Formulas (TAXES)
Bulletin: TAXES 09-41, Earned Income Credit (EIC)
Date: December 10, 2009
To: Payroll/Personnel Manual
Personnel User Groups
Agency Personnel Offices

Beginning with wages paid for Pay Period 26, the National Finance Center (NFC) will make the following changes to the Earned Income Credit (EIC) advance payment formula:

To view and/or print the updated EIC advance payment formula, go to NFC's Home Page ( and click the Publications tab. Then on the right-hand Quicks Picks menu, click Tax Formulas and select Federal from the map provided. Changes to the EIC advance payment formula are identified by "Left Arrow Right Arrow."

For questions about NFC processing, contact the Payroll/Personnel Call Center at 504-255-4630.


JOHN S. WHITE, Acting Director
Government Employees Services Division