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INQUIRY 14-10, Authorized Contact Types for Table Management System (TMGT), Table 063, Department/Agency/Bureau Contact




December 3, 2014


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This bulletin is announcing modifications to Attachment 1, Table Management System (TMGT) Table 063, Department/Agency/Bureau Contact Types, in Title I, 12-26, Updated Changes to Table Management System (TMGT) Authorized Points of Contact, dated October 4, 2012. Attachment 1 to Title I, 12-26 has been modified to update the information regarding who to contact for the Administrative Billings and Collections System (ABCO), Debt Management and Claims Sections and to add Contact Type 31, Insight Enterprise Reporting System.

The following contact types were updated to instruct Agencies to contact the National Finance Center Contact Center (NCC):

The following contact type was added to the TMGT, Table 063:

Refer to the attached Updated Table Management System (TMGT) Table 063, Department/Agency/Bureau Authorized Points of Contact Types to view the detailed updated changes.

Agency Responsibility

Agencies are responsible for updating and maintaining the authorized contact type for each contact type shown in the attachment, since these contacts identify individuals who are authorized by their Agency to seek information from NCC on behalf of their staff.

Note: Agencies have the capability to add additional pages to enter numerous authorized contact entries by keying in a page number after the contact type number. For example, to add an additional page to the Contact Type 03, add the number 1 behind the number 3. This sequence of numbers, 031, will provide Agencies with an additional page to enter contact names.

Any requests submitted to the TMGT email box to update TMGT Table 063 will be returned to the Agency; therefore, Agencies that currently have update authority should enter the contact information for each contact type in Table 063.

Security Access

Agencies who require update authority to the TMGT table must request this access through their Agency Security Officer (ASO). The ASO must submit an access request to NFC to ensure subscribers get provisions to the TMGT table.


The procedure manuals for these applications, which are available online at the NFC Web site, will be updated to include the information in this bulletin. To view and/or print these procedures, go to the NFC Home Page and click the Publications link at the top of the page. At the Publications page's left-hand menu, select the applicable publication category to access the procedure manuals within that category.


For questions about NFC processing, authorized Servicing Personnel Office representatives should contact the NFC Contact Center at 1-855-NFC-4GOV (1-855-632-4468) or via the Internet using the Requester Console.


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