Pay Period (PP) 20, Calendar Year (CY) 18, PPS Release Notes

Projects marked with an asterisk (*) are available for testing in the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environment.

Project Number

Agency-Specific or Community-Wide

Project Title

Description of the Change

*30171 / 1474005


Department of Justice / US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC)

US Courts Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Fix

Modifications will be made to:

  • Payroll Computation System (PAYE) - For US Court of Appeals active and retired judges ages 65+ to hardcode deduction premium rate for FEGLI Option B for the applicable employees and make deductions for those employees only up to that rate.
  • Payroll Accounting System (PACS) - For US Court of Appeals active and retired judges ages 65+ to compute the dollar difference based on the person's normal FEGLI Option B rate for their age bracket (who are ages 65+ with Option B coverage to never pay more than $1.517 / $1000 per month or $0.70 / $1000 per pay period) minus the hardcoded max FEGLI Option B ($1.517 / $1000 per month or $0.70 per pay period) and store that dollar amount and charge Agency 74, US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).

*30844 / 1010975


Department of Commerce (DOC) / Office of the Secretary (OS)

Expand Number of Time and Attendance (T&A) Lines Accepted By the National Finance Center (NFC)

Modifications will be made to PAYE to permit 15 additional T&A lines, for a maximum of 45 lines for Agency use, including generated lines. This total number of Transaction Codes (TC) results in the creation of an additional TC in PAYE. This will include TC 04, Sunday Differential; TC 05, Sunday Differential With Night Differential; and TC 11, Night Differential. Additionally, this will include any valid TC with an Environmental Differential Prefix for a Federal Wage System employee. If the total number of TCs actually reported on the T&A, plus the number of those TCs that would result in the creation of an additional TC in PAYE exceeds 45 lines, T&A should go to suspense with error message, 493: Transaction Lines Exceed 45. The T&A will now allow for 5 continuous pages versus 3.



Department of the Treasury (Treasury)

Disabled Veterans Leave Fields Added to Treasury Daily Leave File

Modifications will be made to the Mainframe Daily Leave File, for Treasury to include the Disabled Veterans Leave fields. The file will have the Disabled Veterans Start Date and Disabled Veterans Leave Balance added. The file will be increased from 200 characters to 350 characters to accommodate the two new fields and any additional fields in the future. In addition, the format for the Treasury Daily Leave output file will not be consistent with the format of the Date Service Computation Date (SCD) Leave file.



Treasury / Bureau of Fiscal Service (BFS)

Add Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council (GCERC) Data to HRConnect Files

Modifications will be made to Mainframe workforce analytics files and IDMS62 environment to add Agency data to their inbound and outbound files.



Department of the Army (ARMY), Department of the Navy - Navy Exchange Service Command (NEXCOM), and United States Marine Corps (MC)

Non-Appropriated Funds (NAF) Employees Missing Benefits on Cash Awards

Modifications will be made to Modify PAYE05 and PAYE5D programs to build and calculate Retirement data and Thrift Savings data deductions for NAF employee cash awards. Correction to the system is needed to include and calculate the employee retirement & 401K benefits in the Pay Period when cash awards are received for Army, NEXCOM and Marine NAF employees.