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Record of Leave Data Transfer

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Leave is transferred from one agency to another via the SF-75 or the SF-1150, Record of Leave Data. This is generated by the losing agency, and it is forwarded to the gaining agency with the employee’s OPF (Official Personnel Folder).

In the NFC payroll/personnel system the SF-1150 is used to transfer:

Transferring Leave In

To transfer an employee’s leave data into the payroll/personnel system, the gaining department enters the information into EPIC or EmpowHR after the SF-1150 is received from the losing department. When the SF-1150 is not received timely, the gaining department should contact the losing department to determine why there is a delay.

Transferring Leave Out

The SF-1150 is prepared for all separations except death or when an employee does not complete one full pay period on the agency's rolls unless he or she has leave to his or her credit on the basis of prior Federal service.

To transfer a separated employee’s leave record to another department, the employee’s final T&A Report, separation action, and Lump Sum Leave and/or Compensatory Time Payments must be processed by NFC. When there is no annual leave or compensatory leave, the lump sum documents do not have to be processed unless the employee is indebted. The SF-1150 is generated after all actions are processed and is sent to the losing department by mail or through RFQS.

Requesting a Replacement or Corrected SF-1150

To correct erroneous leave balances or other data after the SF-1150 is issued the losing department must authorize the changes in writing. An authorized Table 063 contact must submit an SPPS Web request for a replacement or corrected SF-1150. In some cases the leave must be restored to the payroll/personnel database via TINQ prior to submitting the request for a replacement or corrected SF-1150.

Required documentation

Changing a Separation (Resignation or other) to a Transfer Out

The annual leave is paid out when an employee separates for reasons other than transfer or death. When the separation NOA is changed to a Transfer Out, the annual leave that was paid out must be bought back by the employee.

Submit an SPPS Web request to establish the debt for the amount that was paid out. After the debt is paid off by the employee, verify the leave is restored in IRIS and submit an SPPS Web request for a corrected SF-1150. NFC will not issue a corrected SF-1150 until ABCO contains documentation that the debt is paid in full.

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020