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Most Often Misused NOACs

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OPM uses Nature of Action Codes (NOAC) to identify the different types of personnel actions. NOACs in the 9XX series are used for certain payroll/personnel processes and agency unique requirements. All NOAC’s are listed in TMGT Table 061, Nature of Action Conversion.

Agency and OPM personnel processing manuals provide guidance for preparing personnel actions; however, there are at least three NOACs that are consistently misused in the Payroll Personnel Processing System (PPS). These NOACs are:

Some POIs are using the 903 to document changes to PMSO Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) fields. OPM requires an official valid personnel action when a CPDF field changes. In PMSO these fields include the bargaining unit status, duty station, FLSA, occupational series, LEO indicator, occupational function, organization structure, PATCOB, pay plan, pay table and supervisory status. The POI must process an appropriate official NOAC when one or more of these fields change.

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Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020