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Leave Audit

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There are many reasons for a leave audit, but the main reasons include:

Documentation needed to complete a leave audit:

Records may be in either machine-readable or paper form.

Leave Discrepancies

In the event of a leave error the timekeeper has 25 pay periods to submit a corrected T&A to fix the leave discrepancy. When the timekeeper cannot resolve the leave discrepancy issue via corrective timecards within the last 25 pay periods TINQ is used to correct the discrepancies.

Separated Employee

Verify that the separation personnel action and final T&A are processed, establish any indebtedness, and determine if there are leave errors. When there is a leave discrepancy, complete a leave audit on the separated employee and submit the leave corrections (if applicable) to NFC via TINQ. The resulting SF-1150 reflects the corrected data and the lump sum payment(s) can be processed.

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020