Exception Actions

Exception actions are actions processed at any time without regard to effective dates.  They are processed as initial actions even when the last personnel action on the database has an effective date which is later than the action the user is processing.  Exception actions are not part of a history correction package. 

Exception actions include the following active NOAC’s:

Nature of Action Code Description
006 Update
730-732 Details
815 Recruitment Bonus
816 Relocation Bonus
817 Student Loan
825 Separation Incentive
827 Retention Incentive
840 Individual Cash Award RB
841 Group Cash Award
842 Individual Suggestion/Invention Award
843 Group Suggestion/Invention Award
844 Foreign Language Award
845 Travel Savings Incentive Award
846 Individual Time Off Award
847 Group Time Off Award
848 Applicant Referral Award
849 Individual Cash Award NRB
878 Presidential Rank Award
879 SES Performance Award
885 Lump Sum Perform Pay (RB-ILP)
886 Lump Sum Perform Pay (RB-NIL)
887 Lump Sum Perform Pay (NRB)
889 Group Award Other
902 Appointment for Pay Purposes Only (DOJ Only)
906 SCSEP Enrollee
908 Termination
911 YCC Enrollee Appt
922-924 Details
928 Volunteer Accession
929 Volunteer Separation
950 Change in Shift (GPO Only)
970 Foreign Language Bonus
972 Applicant Referral (IRS Only)
973 Lump Sum Retention (IRS Only)
982 Recruitment Allowance (USDA Only)
983 Retention Allowance (USDA Only)
984 Share of Equivalent Increase
994 Honorary

Exception actions include the following inactive NOAs:

Nature of Action Code Description
872 Time Off Award
874 Gainsharing Award
875 Suggestion Award
876 Invention Award
877 Special Act or Service Award
907 Mainstream Employee

While these NOAC’s are not part of a history correction package, the user can correct or cancel each of the active NOAs except:

These actions are exception actions but are applied in date sequence and cannot be corrected or canceled. New actions documenting these NOAs cannot be inserted in a history correction package