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Processing Tips for Claims Package

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  1. Recipient notifies the Agency.
  2. The Agency calls the National Finance Center (NFC) Contact Center at 855-632-4GOV to initiate the claim of non-receipt or process the request in Document Tracking System External (DOTSE).
  3. A stop payment is placed on the check.
    Note: A stop payment on a Treasury check does not work like a stop payment on a regular bank account check. The Treasury check can still be cashed.
  4. If the check is cashed a Form FMS-1133, Claim Against the United States for the Proceeds of a Government Check, will be generated from Treasury.
  5. NFC receives the Form FMS-1133.
  6. NFC mails the Form FMS-1133 to the Agency.
  7. The Agency mails the Form FMS-1133 to the recipient for the recipient to complete the form, responding to the questions and affixing signatures on the form as instructed.
  8. If the recipient fails to complete Form 1133, the account is listed as an open receivable. The employee is then indebted to the Agency.
    Note: This process is for any type of Government-issued paper check.

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 09, 2020