MANPAY 21-02, Requesting a Canceled Payment via Web-based Special Payroll Processing System (SPPS Web)

Published: May 18, 2021


The National Finance Center (NFC) is reminding Agencies about important information that they can use to reduce the number of canceled payments for employees.

Every Agency that NFC services has a Canceled Payment Report in the Reporting Center (RPCT), under the Workforce Reports menu. NFC would like to remind Agencies to review their Canceled Payment Report at least on a weekly basis. Instructions to run the report and an example report can be found in the Reporting Center procedure.

If an Agency has a returned financial allotment payment on the Canceled Payment Report, the Agency should ensure that either the employee stops the allotment payment via the Employee Personal Page (EPP), or the Agency should stop the allotment for the employee via EmpowHR, Web-based Entry, Processing, Inquiry, and Correction System (EPIC Web), or the Agency's Front-End System Interface (FESI). This should be done before the Agency reissues the payment to the employee. If the employee or the Agency does not stop the allotment, then subsequent payments to the employee will continue to be returned and remain outstanding until canceled. Processing tips for Agencies to work the Canceled Payments Requiring Actions report can be found on NFC's Web site under Processing Tips.


NFC's Web site under Processing Tips/Canceled Payments.

Employees should remember to change their addresses and routing and accounting numbers in NFC's systems whenever they change their address, or financial institution, or bank account number. Doing so will prevent any payments that they are entitled to from being returned to NFC.


Canceled payments are requested via SPPS Web. If an employee claims non-receipt of salary, the Agency should verify on Payroll-Personnel Inquiry System (PINQ) Program PQ032, Payroll Listing, whether a T&A processed for the affected pay period. If the T&A is not processed through the automated system:

Note: It is vital that the Agency transmits a T&A for the relevant pay period so that collection is made from the appropriate salary payment.

A Quick Service Request (QSR) is used to provide salary payment when an employee is not paid through the automated PPS or manual payment process.

When to Process a QSR:

When not to Process a QSR:

QSRs are used for processing an advanced net salary payment when the corresponding T&A can be transmitted to be processed with the next Payroll Computation System (PAYE) cycle.

A QSR is processed by the Agency via SPPS Mainframe. It is designed for entering data for the current processing pay period and 3 consecutive prior pay periods. Only one QSR can be processed for a single pay period.

Users should enter QSR information based on criteria established by the Agency personnel office. SPPS Mainframe processes the QSR for the specified pay period.

Disbursed Amount:

The amount of the QSR disbursed is the approximate anticipated net pay for the employee and is computed at 70 percent of the biweekly gross pay of an 80-hour tour of duty, based on the scheduled salary. Alternately, a specific amount may be entered.

QSR transactions are released by SPPS Mainframe and scheduled for disbursement on the Manual Pay Schedule daily at approximately 11:00 a.m. central time (CT).

Receipt Account (RA):

This RA is viewable on IRIS Program IR114, Receipt Accounts. The RA is reversed after processing of the T&A(s) that satisfies the established RA amount. If a T&A is not transmitted before the processing of the following pay period, the payment will be collected against the T&A transmitted for the current processing pay period. With the certification of the QSR (much like a loan), the system automatically generates an RA which is set to collect at 100 percent from the next system-generated payment.

Note: It is vital that the Agency transmits a T&A for the relevant pay period so that collection is made from the appropriate salary payment, as the RA does not distinguish specific pay periods.


An employee was not paid for Pay Period (PP) 03. Based on this reason, a QSR is processed to pay the employee 70 percent of gross pay. This payment is treated as a loan until the next T&A is paid; ideally, this should be the employee’s PP03 T&A. Once the QSR is processed, an RA is automatically established in PPS waiting to be satisfied. When the PP03 T&A is received and processed, the system will satisfy the RA by collecting the amount of the QSR and disbursing any remaining funds. If for any reason the employee’s net amount of their PP03 T&A is not enough to satisfy the bill, the remaining balance will be collected from a subsequent T&A. If the Agency fails to submit the employee’s PP03 T&A, the RA will collect from the PP04 T&A. This may cause the employee to think they were not paid for PP04.

Note: It is vital that the Agency transmits a T&A for the relevant pay period so that collection is made from the appropriate salary payment, as the RA does not distinguish specific pay periods.

For more information, please see the Quick Service Request in the SPPS Mainframe procedure manual.

Quick Service Wire or “14-Liner” (QSW)

The QSW option is the manual processing of the employee’s T&A via SPPS Web by NFC. Payment is based entirely on authority of request. Conflicting data in the employee’s master file or on the T&A will be disregarded. Actual net pay is disbursed on the 11 a.m. CT manual schedule. No corresponding T&A should be transmitted. Salary advance format QSR is not applicable. For more information see, Adding Attachments in the SPPS Web procedure.

QSW requests should be submitted via SPPS Web. Use the Attachment tab to include a 14-line document listing all the following information in the following order:


The procedure manual for this application, which is available online at the NFC Web site, is being updated to include the information in this bulletin. To view this procedure, select HR and Payroll Clients from the MyNFC drop-down menu on the NFC Home page. At the HR and Payroll Clients page, select the Publications tab and select the applicable category to access the procedure manual within the category.


For questions about NFC processing, authorized Servicing Personnel Office representatives should contact the NFC Contact Center at 1-855-NFC-4GOV (1-855-632-4468) or via the customer service portal at ServiceNow Portal for Federated Users and at ServiceNow Portal for Non-Federated Users.