HRPAY 19-14, New Front-End System Interface (FESI) Process to Replace Table Management System (TMGT) Table 102, Pay/Pers Download Table

Published: December 20, 2019
Effective: Pay Period 24, 2019


The National Finance Center (NFC) will begin delivering new download files from the Front-End System Interface (FESI) via a new process. This new process mimics the Table Management System (TMGT) Table 102, Pay/Pers Download Table. The current Table 102 process will remain available until all Agencies that process have converted to Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Note: The process for TMGT Table 103, TMGT Download Table, will remain the same.


Front-End System Interface (FESI)

The revised process will provide daily files as part of a FESI transmission after the Personnel Input and Edit Subsystem (PINE) processes are complete. The pay period file occurs after the Bi-Weekly Examination Analysis and Reporting System (BEAR) processes are complete.

To establish themselves with the new process, Agencies must submit download file information to NFC via Form AD-3003, Software Change Request (SCR). In addition, Form AD-3113, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) File Transmission Request, must be completed to provide all file-related information.

The following parameters should be used as the new naming conventions for the download file:

In addition to the new file naming conventions, the file layout will increase by nine characters to accommodate two fields added due to changes in processing of IRS Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. These new fields are:


The procedure manual for this application is available online at the NFC Web site. To view this procedure, select HR and Payroll Clients from the MyNFC drop-down menu on the NFC Home page. At the HR and Payroll Clients page, select the Publications tab and select the applicable category to access the procedure manual within the category.


For questions about NFC processing, authorized Servicing Personnel Office representatives should contact the NFC Contact Center at 1-855-NFC-4GOV (1-855-632-4468) or via the customer service portal.