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FESI Online Data Element Information

This online document contains data element information for the Front-end System Interface (FESI) files that agencies transmit to NFC. This information is also provided in the procedure manual.

About The Data Element Information

The data element information for each file type includes record layout tables that list applicable data element names and field specifications. To display the information for a specific data element, click the field name in the record layout.

Below is an explanation of each item on the FESI Data Element Information table.

Item Description
Document/Record Number Identifies the type of document/record being processed in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) (e.g., 110 is the document number for an award).
Document Name The name of the document for the document type (e.g., Awards).
Field Name The name of the field for the document being processed (e.g., Awards Case Number).
Data Type Identifies if the field is alphabetic or numeric. Valid values are:

X - Alphabetic or alphanumeric

9 - Numeric

Field Length The number of positions in the field (e.g., 8).
Data Format A combination of the Data Type and the Field Length (e.g., X(09)).
Field Definition The field definition (e.g., cash award case number assigned by the agency).
Valid Values The acceptable codes or data for the field. This field may contain values or it may refer you to a document or system that contains the values.
Comments Information that is useful in processing the document (e.g., if the award is a group award, enter the same case number on each individual case award document.

Who To Contact For Help

Please refer questions about the FESI file to NFC, Customer Representative at

Last Updated / Reviewed: March 03, 2023