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Issuance of PROP Desk Guide

Title: IV, Central Accounting System
Chapter: 6, Property Management Information System (PMIS), Section 4, Personal Property System (PROP)
Bulletin: 98-2, Issuance of PROP Desk Guide
Date: November 6, 1998
To: USDA Personal Property System Users
Electronic Access Coordinators


This bulletin issues Revision 3 of the Personal Property System (PROP) desk guide. The PROP desk guide is an accessory to the USDA PROP procedure manual. The desk guide is designed to assist you with entering/modifying data, displaying/querying information, and preparing preprogrammed and ad hoc reports in PROP.

Title IV, Central Accounting System Manual, is being restructured to incorporate all accounting/PMIS procedures from Title VI. This desk guide, previously published under Title VI, is now published under Title IV. It supersedes all previously published PROP desk guides and incorporates all amendments and bulletins issued under Title VI, Chapter 9, Section 2.

Please refer questions about PROP to Information Center personnel at 504-255-5230. Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322.


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