PROP Screens That Contain A Condition Code Field

Acquisition/Modify Menu

Reporting Change Of Status Menu

Excess Property Coordinator Menu

Note 1: Since the data field used for the condition code is two positions, when entering the new 1-position condition code you may key the code in the first field position. After [Enter] is pressed and the data is processed, the system will automatically place a space in the first position and populate the second position with the condition code.

Note 2: As a reminder, only authorized personnel with the Departmental Excess Personal Property Coordinator located in St. Louis, MO., are permitted access to the screens on the Excess Property Coordinator Menu.

Note 3: After the new codes are implemented, the National Finance Center will not perform any system sweeps to change the old condition codes to the new codes on existing property masters. However, once you access a property record to perform any type of change/modification, the system will display a message to prompt you to enter one of the new condition codes. You will not be allowed to update the master record until the new condition code is entered.