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00-1, Enhancements to PROP Screens

Title: IV, Central Accounting System Manual
Chapter: 6, Property Management Information System, Section 4, Personal Property System (PROP)
Bulletin: 00-1, Enhancements to PROP Screens
Date: August 7, 2000
To: USDA PROP Users Electronic Access Coordinators

The National Finance Center (NFC) recently implemented several enhancements to PROP. The changes are described below.

PROP Type/DT Field

USDA has determined that all property loaned to non-Federal recipients will be handled as noncapitalized property and will not be subject to depreciation. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to capture both the date the Federal Government originally obtained the property and the date the loaned property was received by the recipient. To accommodate this change, the PROP Type/DT field on the Loaned screen (SNO:AC09) of the Acquisition/Modify Menu has been changed to PROP Type and the field is no longer a required entry. Note: If you elect to make an entry in the PROP Type field, it must be one of the valid acronyms/codes used to denote the type of recipient receiving the loaned property.

The Date Of Acq field (also on the Loaned screen) is still a required entry; however, you are no longer cautioned to enter the date the Federal Government originally acquired the property. You may now enter whatever date is consistent with your agency's business practice. Since the date entered in the field may be a date other than the date of the original acquisition, the message **Acquisition Date Is The Original Date The Federal Government Acquired This Property--Not This Transaction Date has been removed from the bottom of the screen. These changes were also made to affect the Modify Property Master (SNO:AC12) screen when modifying a loaned property master.

Equip. No. Field

As currently done with other property items maintained in PROP, client agencies have decided to use the NFC-ID as the property identifier for motor vehicles rather than the equipment number. Since the equipment number will not be used, the Equip. No. field will be removed from several screens in PROP. At this time, the Equip. No. field has only been removed from the following screens used for motorized vehicles on the Acquisition/Modify Menu:

  • New Acquisition (SNO:AC01)
  • New Acquisition Motorized Equipment (SNO:AC17)

The above change was also made to affect the Modify Property Master (SNO:AC12) screen when modifying a motorized equipment property master.

Note: At a later date, NFC will modify other screens in PROP to remove the Equip. No. field. NFC will also perform a sweep of the PROP database to remove the equipment number from the motor vehicle property masters.

Copies of the revised screens are provided in the Attachment. Changes are identified by "> <".

Please refer questions about PROP to Customer Support personnel at 504-255-5230. Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322.

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