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00-4, Instructions for Downloading TRVL Per Diem Rates

Title: VI, Systems Access Manual
Chapter: 6, Travel and Transportation, Section 2, Travel System Data Entry Procedures For Personal Computer (PC-TRVL)
Bulletin: 00-4, Instructions for Downloading TRVL Per Diem Rates
Date: December 7, 2000
To: Holders of the PC-TRVL Procedure

This bulletin updates the instructions for downloading domestic and non-foreign locality per diem rates used in Travel System processing (Table Management System (TMGT) Table 87, Travel Per Diem Rates) through the National Finance Center's (NFC's) home page ( on the Internet. These new instructions ensure that the default CONUS rate remains part of the per diem table.

To download the TMGT Table 87 per diem rates and copy them into your PC-TRVL software, follow the instructions below.

  1. Perform a backup of your PC-TRVL tables and files according to instructions in the Title VI, Chapter 6, Section 2, PC-TRVL procedure.

  2. Access NFC's home page at

  3. Click the NFC Download Center icon at the top of the page. The download center page appears listing Steps 1-7 for downloading software.

  4. At NFC's Download Center page, select (PC-Travel) Per Diem Rates in Dbase format (359K) - No User ID or Password Required from the drop-down list provided in Step 1 on the Download Center page. Note: Your user ID and/or password are not required for this download.

  5. Click the [Download] button. A warning pop-up regarding unauthorized access to U.S. Government computers is displayed.

  6. Read the warning and click [OK] if you wish to continue with the download process. The Save As pop-up is displayed.

  7. The Per Diem Rate Table file name is trvlp51t.dbf. Select the directory to which you will save the Per Diem Rate Table. This location should be the same as the directory of the PC-TRVL program. For example, if your PC-TRVL application is located at C:\NFCTRAV, display this path name in the Save In block.

  8. Click [Save] to download the file. If the per diem file was previously saved to the PC-TRVL application, a pop-up is displayed showing the file path and the message This file already exists. Replace existing file? Warning: The entire PC-TRVL domestic and non-foreign Per Diem Table will be replaced with data for the current year and, where applicable, one seasonal rate per locality. Any data for prior year rates will be deleted from the PC-TRVL Per Diem table.

  9. Click [Yes] to replace the existing file. The Per Diem Rate Table is now loaded.

  10. Follow the Setup Screen instructions under Installing the PC-TRVL and PC-to-PC Connectivity Software in the PC-TRVL procedure to access the PC-TRVL setup screen. When [Esc] is pressed to exit the setup screen, the table files are re-indexed and default CONUS is updated in the per diem table.

  11. Follow the instructions in the PC-TRVL procedure to access PC-TRVL.

  12. Follow the Table maintenance instructions in the PC-TRVL procedure to access the new per diem table and ensure that the data was properly loaded.

This bulletin replaces Bulletin 00-2, Availability of TRVL Per Diem Rates on the NFC home page, issued May 22, 2000. Please discard that bulletin.

Please refer questions about PC-TRVL to Customer Support at 504-255-5230.

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