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Change to MASC Table 045

Title: IV, Central Accounting System Manual
Chapter: 4, Management Account Structure Codes System (MASC)
Bulletin: 01-1, Change to MASC Table 045
Date: January 19, 2001
To: Holders of the MASC Procedure

This bulletin announces a change to MASC Table 045, Reimbursement/Development/ Revenue Codes. The edits for input to Table 045 have been modified to allow for alphanumeric characters in the Agreement Number field. This change was effective November 1, 2000.

The updated MASC procedure manual is available online at the NFC Web site. To view and/or print this manual, go to the NFC home page ( and click the Pubs & Forms icon at the top of the page. Once on the page, search for MASC by clicking List by Acronym/Name or List by Title/Chapter located on the left-hand side of the page. Search for either MASC or Title 4, Chapter 4, on the list as applicable and double click.

Since the MASC manual is now available for viewing and/or printing online, NFC will no longer issue a paper copy. Information about changes to MASC will be issued via bulletins, which will also refer you to the updated manual on NFC's Web site. Although users can print the manual from the Web, NFC will continue to provide paper copies to users upon request. Submit Form AD-1083, Request For Action For Procedures/Reports, to the address or fax number printed on the form to request a printed copy. Note: Form 1083 can be accessed in Adobe PDF format on the NFC home page by clicking on the Pubs & Forms icon, then under Forms in the left-hand column, click on Pubs Order Forms. Form 1083 can be printed, filled out, then mailed or faxed.

Please refer questions about MASC to Customer Support personnel at 504-255-5230 or via e-mail at Refer questions about this bulletin to the Directives and Analysis Branch at 504-255-5322 or via e-mail at
Financial Services Division