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What is ezFedGrants?

ezFedGrants is an online USDA grants and agreements management system that facilitates management of USDA grants and agreements, including creating applications, digitally signing agreement documents, submitting claims, preparing progress reports, and reviewing historical grant/agreement information.1

ezFedGrants is part of the USDA’s Financial Shared Service offering. It is fully integrated with the USDA’s core accounting system, and, for certain Agencies/Offices, interacts with other financial systems, such as ASAP.

ezFedGrants is the USDA's OMB Circular A-123 system of record for processing Federal financial assistance transactions, supports the USDA's mission, and helps to ensure compliance with Federal requirements for grants and accounting.

Please visit our Introduction to ezFedGrants FAQ page for information about who should use ezFedGrants and the basics of the ezFedGrants System.

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Benefits of ezFedGrants

ezFedGrants provides a holistic approach to improving efficiency, visibility, and compliance for USDA grants and agreements by1:

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Which Agencies and Offices are Using ezFedGrants?

The following Agencies and Offices are currently part of the ezFedGrants network:

The ezFedGrants System is continually expanding to more agencies and offices, as well as additional instrument types, such as Inter-Agency Agreements (IAAs).

To learn more about how a specific Agency/Office uses ezFedGrants, please contact a USDA Agency/Office representative.

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Ready to Use ezFedGrants?

Because ezFedGrants is a financial management tool, there is a multi-step process to accessing the system. This process ensures all organizations and uses are appropriately registered and reduces the chance of fraud and identity theft.

The onboarding process is summarized in the ezFedGrants External User Onboarding Quick Reference document, but the major steps are:

  1. Ensure your organization is registered at
  2. Obtain a Level 2 USDA eAuthentication Account.
  3. Submit an ezFedGrants External Portal Access Request.

Step-by-step instructions and other information about the onboarding process are provided in the Access and User Roles Job Aid Library.

In addition to onboarding instructions, you can access all of the ezFedGrants instructional and informational materials by clicking the Training icon near the top of the page.

If you are new to ezFedGrants, we recommend reviewing the documents under the General Information heading, particularly the External Portal Onboarding and Basics and Personally Identifying Information (PII) documents.

Once you have access to ezFedGrants, refer to The Grants Process Job Aid Library for instructions and information on completing various grants lifecycle activities in ezFedGrants. Please note that some Agencies/Offices do not use all the components of ezFedGrants. Therefore, we strongly recommend reviewing the details of your awards/agreements or confirming with an Agency/Office representative prior to initiating any of these procedures.

If you encounter an error or issue during onboarding or while using ezFedGrants, please check our FAQ pages for a solution. If your question is not answered by the FAQs or the other training materials, please contact an Agency/Office Help Desk or the central ezFedGrants Help Desk. Contact information for the various Help Desks can be found on the ezFedGrants Client Services Overview page.

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1Capacity of the ezFedGrants System varies by Agency/Office and award/agreement. Some Agencies/Offices use other systems or methods in addition to ezFedGrants. Extent of historical information available varies by Agency/Office, as not all historical data has been incorporated into the ezFedGrants System.

Last Updated / Reviewed: October 26, 2020