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Eligibility to receive benefits is based upon all documents submitted to the USDA for review. A determination of benefits will be completed at which time the NPS Employee and their Child Care Provider will receive an email from the USDA informing them of the benefit that they may be entitled to and the effective date.

Please be advised that NPS Employees are financially responsible for all child care costs until they have been informed by the USDA that a National Park Service Child Care Subsidy benefit has been approved on the NPS Employee's behalf.

Eligibility includes the following categories of National Park Service Employees:

The Employee may qualify for benefits in accordance with the Benefit Table established by the National Park Service. Please note that not all Employees whose income is equal to or less than $70,000 will qualify for benefits. NPS Employees must first pay their calculated portion of child care costs prior to being eligible for NPS CCS benefits.

To begin your application process:

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Last Updated / Reviewed: December 13, 2018