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Invoice/Payment Process and Guidelines

Payment Process Note: Invoices not properly completed and signed by the GSA Employee and Child Care Provider cannot be processed for payment.

  1. To receive payment, all Child Care Providers must fill in and submit a properly completed Invoice & Attendance Form to the USDA for payment. The invoices should be submitted via email at or via fax at 816-823-5432.  For invoices submitted to any other email address, the USDA cannot guarantee that payment will be made in a timely manner.
  2. Each Invoice & Attendance Form must be completed in its entirety. Sample invoices are included in the USDA Payment Policy Handbook [PDF - 893KB].
    1. Period of Service to include year of service (e.g. May 2018; June 2018, etc.).
    2. Attendance Record to reflect days of the month that the Family has been billed.
    3. Total Cost and Balance Due Portion: USDA provides preprinted invoices with each new enrollment and Family/child update. The invoices will include the Total Cost, Employee/Family Portion and the GSA Subsidy Amount that is authorized based upon the Employee and Child Care Provider information on file. The Child Care Provider must write in the Total Cost, Employee/Family Portion paid and the GSA Balance Due. By entering this information the Employee/Family and Child Care Provider are confirming the current total cost, Employee/Family Portion has been paid and the Total GSA billed is accurate.
    4. An original signature of the Child Care Provider on each month’s invoice. The Child Care Provider must sign the invoice, certifying that the child attended the center for the period of service listed and that the Total Cost indicated on the invoice is the correct cost charged to the Family for that period of service. Photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
    5. An original signature of the GSA Employee on each month’s invoice. This signature is certification that the information on the invoice is correct – that the Family received child care for the indicated period of service and that they were billed the amount shown on the invoice. Photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
  3. Invoices should be submitted as follows:
    1. For Monthly billing, invoices may be submitted on or after the 15th of the month of service.
    2. For Hourly or Daily Care, invoices should be submitted on or after the last day of the month.
    3. Invoices must be submitted within 90 days of period of service being rendered. Failure to submit invoices within a timely manner may result in the Child Care Provider not receiving payment.
    4. It is a shared responsibility of the GSA Employee and Child Care Provider to ensure that the Invoice & Attendance Records are accurate and timely submitted for payment. Discrepancies may result in delayed payment.
  4. Invoices will be reviewed by the USDA for completeness and accuracy
    1. Must be completed in full with month of service and attendance
    2. Must be signed by both the Child Care Provider and Employee/Spouse
  5. Invoices are processed for payment by the USDA
  6. U.S. Treasury disburses funds to the Child Care Provider
    1. Generally within 3-5 days from approval for EFT payment
    2. Generally within 7-10 days from approval for check payment
  7. Email notification sent to Child Care Provider with payment details

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Important Invoice/Payment Notes

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please feel free to contact the USDA at or (866) 508-0371.

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Last Updated / Reviewed: December 13, 2018