May 9, 2013
10:08 a.m.

Subject: Retirement Readiness NOW Tip

This week’s Retirement Readiness NOW Tip to help you —

Additional FLTCIP webinars are available!

In addition to the standard Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) informational webinar, Long Term Care Partners has invited industry experts to help explore topical issues such as retirement planning and caregiving, and to highlight the advantages of enrolling in the FLTCIP.

Navigating the Process When You're Ready to Retire
(May 16, 2 p.m. ET)
You've attended a preretirement seminar, chosen a prospective retirement date, and have a good idea on what elections you will make for your retirement. Make sure you're fully prepared to navigate your way through the process when the big day arrives. Join Sherry Casas, President and Founder of Retirement Training and Coaching Services, Inc., as she discusses the final tips every pre-retiree should know. We'll also review how the FLTCIP can help protect your overall retirement plan.

Retirement Readiness NOW is not just about saving money and not just something you do just before retiring. Money is very important, but that’s not all. There’s a lot more to planning for your future than putting aside income out of each paycheck for retirement.

What else is there? Happiness, both today and in your future years, is based on your total well-being. So, when planning for your future, you also need to consider your total retirement well-being that encompasses the following:

Networking - What are you doing today that will allow you to be engaged, challenged and fulfilled in retirement?

Overall Health - What are you doing to stay healthy so that you can enjoy your retirement years?

Wealth - How well are you managing your income and investing for your future so that you will be able to support your desired lifestyle in retirement?